What to Expect

You will discover what suits you most - we may use one approach or a combination:-

• talking and being really listened to
• quietly being together in a safe way and in a safe space
• exploring through drawing and painting,
• imagined dialogue,
• dreamwork,
• journaling

My philosophy of counselling and therapy is that it is a process of personal support provided in a safe place with boundaries of time, space and confidentiality.

Life can at times seem pointless - it's hard to feel interested in anything.

Life seems at times to take us over - we behave in ways that seem out of our control.

I believe that within the caring support of therapy,

we can transform times of unhappiness and loneliness into self-knowledge and greater connection with others.

Balancing our body and mind, our emotions and spiritual approach, is a deeply important and rewarding path to follow.