Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Here in our midst people are quietly discovering and exploring aspects of themselves that can bring joy and comfort out of pain and loneliness.

The people who come to me are looking for help with personal issues as anyone seeking counselling and therapy would.

Also, they often have an understanding of a wider sense of what it is to be human that they feel is beyond the everyday self.

They might experience this way of being through the arts - their writing or music or painting takes them to a place where it is necessary to be open, when inspiration is needed.

They might have spiritual beliefs. I have been fortunate enough to have heard about the worlds of Christianity whether Mystical, Orthodox, Catholic and more; of Buddism, Hinduism, Islam and Sufi; of the indigenous-based beliefs such as Druidry and Shamanism. A feeling of connection with Nature is often strong, of respect for the Natural World.

'Transpersonal' means 'beyond or through the self' so we start to wonder about how we might connect to a wider sense of self, to others, to nature.

If this all sounds a little airy-fairy then I must add that much of the work is in how to find meaning from our misery and transform it into understanding as well as how to integrate extra-ordinary experiences with the everyday. 

We are born human and need to explore what that can mean in all its richness both simple and complex.

How to live amongst others and how to be alone?
how to connect to others and to ourselves in the fullest sense and beyond?
How to find meaning in our relationships and our work?
How to find the strength and courage to love more fully?