Public Speaking

Therapist, Teacher and former Actress encourages you to

Stay True to Yourself - Find Heart-felt Confidence!

Are you
• frightened of speaking in public?
• unable to address a meeting?
• the quiet one in groups wishing you could speak out?
or maybe you simply need coaching in
• a wedding speech?
• a work presentation?
Are you searching for that confidence that frees you from immobilising panic?

Helen Bazzard worked in theatre and television for 20 years as an actress, writer and director. She then studied therapy for 7 years, working in private practice for 15 years or more.

The combination of these fields creates an approach that guides you in
• personal insight and performance skills,
• transforming your ability to speak out!
• Exploring your worries and learning some performance skills provide a strong foundation for speaking from the heart.
This gives you the security needed to feel confident in what you want to say.

Helen Bazzard has helped many people to surprise family, friends and colleagues through their newly-found confidence.

Find direction in speaking in meetings, at weddings, at conferences, on stage, in fact to groups large or small!