Psychotherapy in Brighton and Lewes.

If you need Psychotherapy in Sussex, I am a qualified and experienced Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapist working in Brighton and Lewes.

Psychotherapy as with counselling, adresses the many ways we behave that betray our fears and unhappiness. This may show through depression or addictions, loneliness and difficulties in relating to others and all the other ways human beings try and deal with life's pain unsuccessfully. These reactions that seem out of our control, can be changed.

Come and talk over what is troubling you in a confidential and safe space. Building a professional relationship of trust in a non-judgemental and impartial way, can lead to a deep sense of renewal.

This comes through the release of old patterns and reactions with the gaining of inner strength and personal choice.

'Integrative' means I draw on a number of approaches including Humanistic, Person-Centred and Psychodynamic mainly through

listening and reflection but also with dream work and journal-keeping, art and drama.

It very much depends on what suits you best.

'Transpersonal' denotes a sense of 'beyond the self' and so allows for a spiritual and creative influence. Spiritual Counselling can therefore be part of the work, too.


The benefits of looking inward and gaining a greater understanding of oneself, can be reached at all ages.

People who come and work with are all ages - 18 years old is the youngest and so far some are in their 70s.

I work with people with a wide range of personal histories. 

I also work with trainee psychotherapists studying among others at AITTE, Sussex University, Brighton University and CCPE.


"Occasionally it dawns on us that struggling alone is not moving us on or changing enough -

this is when sharing our experience with another may be prudent...

Conversely we may have drowned out our inner voice amidst the daily noise and need time and space for reconnecting."